We have stopped capturing testing data at a district level. Please check the status of the API endpoints below.

  1. As of 13th August our API repository and have been deprecated. We redirect to
  2. As of 13th August, all json endpoints except v4 endpoints have been deprecated. Please use the csv endpoints or refer to v4 endpoints

Files available

V4 JSON endpoints

Status Link to API Description
:green_heart: Daily numbers across C,R,D and Tested per state (historical data).
:green_heart: Current day numbers across districts and states.

Note: Please consider using the above endpoints for all your data needs. All the data we show on the website is fuelled by the above endpoints.

Aggregated Sheets (CSV)

Status Sheet Name Link to CSV Description
:green_heart: case_time_series India level timeseries for Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased cases
:green_heart: states Statewise timeseries of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers.
:green_heart: districts Districtwise timeseries of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers.
:green_heart: state_wise_daily Statewise per day delta of Confirmed, Recovered and Deceased numbers.
:green_heart: state_wise Statewise cumulative numbers till date.
:green_heart: district_wise Districtwise Cumulative numbers till date.
:green_heart: statewise_tested_numbers_data Number of tests conducted in each state, ventilators ,hospital bed occupany reported in state bulletins
:green_heart: tested_numbers_icmr_data Number of tests reported by ICMR
:green_heart: icmr_labs_statewise Number of Labs in each state as per ICMR
:green_heart: sources_list List of sources that we are using.
:green_heart: rtpcr_samples_collected Number of RTPCR samples collected statewise in ICMR Application
:green_heart: vaccine_doses_administered_statewise Number of vaccine doses administered statewise - Collected from MOHFW daily bulletin
:green_heart: cowin_vaccine_data_statewise Key data points from CoWin database at a state level
:green_heart: cowin_vaccine_data_districtwise Key data points from CoWin database at a district level

Latest data from the google sheet (10-20 minutes delayed) is available through the latest end-point. These endpoints should be avoided unless none of the above endpoints work for you.

Raw Data

Status Sheet Name Link to CSV Description
:green_heart: raw_data1 Till Apr 19th
:green_heart: raw_data2 Apr 20th to Apr 26th
:green_heart: raw_data3 Apr 27th to May 9th
:green_heart: raw_data4 May 10th to May 23rd
:green_heart: raw_data5 May 24th to Jun 4th
:green_heart: raw_data6 Jun 05th to Jun 19th
:green_heart: raw_data7 Jun 20th to Jun 30th
:green_heart: raw_data8 Jul 01st to Jul 7th
:green_heart: raw_data9 Jul 08th to Jul 13th
:green_heart: raw_data10 Jul 14th to Jul 17th
:green_heart: raw_data11 Jul 18th to Jul 22nd
:green_heart: raw_data12 Jul 23th to Aug 06th
:green_heart: raw_data13 Aug 07th to Aug 21st
:green_heart: raw_data14 Aug 22nd to Sep 05th
:green_heart: raw_data15 Sep 06th to Sep 21st
:green_heart: raw_data16 Sep 22nd to Oct 08th
:green_heart: raw_data17 Oct 09th to Oct 26th
:green_heart: raw_data18 Oct 27th to Nov 12th
:green_heart: raw_data19 Nov 13th to Nov 30th
:green_heart: raw_data20 Dec 01st to Dec 19th
:green_heart: raw_data21 Dec 20th to Jan 08th
:green_heart: raw_data22 Jan 09th to Jan 31st
:green_heart: raw_data23 Feb 01st to Feb 27st
:green_heart: raw_data24 Feb 28th to Mar 31st
:green_heart: raw_data25 Apr 01st to Apr 20th
:green_heart: raw_data26 Apr 21st to May 04th
:green_heart: raw_data27 May 05th to May 17th
:green_heart: raw_data28 May 18th to Jun 02nd
:green_heart: raw_data29 Jun 03rd to Jun 19th
:green_heart: raw_data30 Jun 20th to Jul 06th
:green_heart: raw_data31 Jul 07th to Jul 27th
:green_heart: raw_data32 Jul 28th to Aug 07th
:green_heart: raw_data33 Aug 08th to Sep 12th
:green_heart: raw_data34 Sep 13th to Oct 09th
:green_heart: raw_data35 Oct 10th onwards



A more detailed note of the columns present in the data may be found in the json documentation